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Neighborhood Updates/Insights

Hello, neighbors. I will occasionally post content on this page providing general updates and information related to our subdivision. Content range will consist of important dates/ activities all the way to common complaints/concerns from our residents. Please check in periodically to see what's new.

Fall's Finally Here, Where's The Rain....

After this brutally long, hot, dry summer your lawn may look like mine. The worst in years. Just a reminder, this the season to remove those dead plants that didn't make it and replace them. This includes that once beautiful lush green carpet in your front yard. Fall is the BEST time to throw out a little grass seed for next spring beauty. Your neighbors will LOVE it!

Relaxing By The Pool...

Will have to wait until next summer. But, over the next few weeks you may notice increased activity. We will be making necessary upgrades and conducting routine (every 20 years) maintenance on the plaster and tiling. Necessary to be compliant with current Johnson County Health and Environment regulations that were mandated on us just this summer. READ: "You don't do it now, you aren't opening next year!" No, we weren't prepared or budgeted for 2018. This will be a two step program this fall and early next spring.


Check back for information on the kiddos Halloween pizza party and parade details.


Shawn Johnson, President

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