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Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Jake Nechrebecki, Erin Cecil, and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from August 28th, 2023. 1st-Jake, 2nd- Kristin

TREASURY- Savings will have to be used to cover remaining of year expenses. Money will be moved as needed. All savings accounts are collecting a good amount interest. Five houses have closed this year and fees have been collected, with an additional house sale pending.

Treasury report approved. Bridget 1st, Erin 2nd.

POOL- Hold on major concrete sealing work for this year. Continue with small concrete repairs that have been cited by county. Will walk pool with Kristin to check for additional repairs. Leaf blower to be purchased for pool use along with new light for storage room.

LANDSCAPING-Holiday lighting man is hired and scheduled to install lights in October, with a Thanksgiving weekend turn on. The vendor being used will not split up install and take down fees and requires full payment up front. Robin is still working with Marty on the design proposal for or entrances. Board expressed hope that design will be consistent with tradition style of monuments at the entrances. Water shut off will be scheduled in October and irrigation winterizing. The damage that was done to properties on 50th street was equal to bid quoted. Lawn repair was $160 and $875 for the fence repair. Repairs have been completed to the properties. Cat tail removal to be scheduled and engineering report will be done December 2024 for detention basin. Matt will continue with fall clean up of beds.

ARCHITECTURE- Get back with tuck pointing bids and find out if he can set signs. Lot on 49th Terrace is currently being maintained. Basketball goals that were cited have all been moved in.

OLD BUSINESS- The board will continue to send postcards for nuanced violations. Driveways in poor conditions are being addressed in newsletter. Halloween parade will be at Jake's house. Pizza and soda will be provided. Newsletter will go out in October.

NEW BUSINESS- Annual meeting January 20th 10am at the Shawnee Civic Center. Space has been reserved.

Meeting adjourned. 1st-Bridget, 2nd-Kristin . Next meeting, Wednesday, November 29th at 7pm 2023 at Kristin's house.

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