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Monday September 13 2021

Board members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, and Matt


Call to order: Shawn Johnson

Minutes read and approved as read from May 27th meeting: 1st Kristin 2nd Matt, all approved


1) Jake not present. Reviewed previously emailed budget on our own

2) Reviewed bid from Orr Safety. All agreed unnecessary at this time.


1) Homeowners have responded to post cards. Few homes outstanding at this time with no response. Rental property and home across from pool biggest challenges currently. Will continue to monitor

2) With home owner change at entrance to estates, Matt to monitor landscape around the sign and take more initiative here. Have not had to in the past

3) Matt to schedule water shut off and winterization of sprinklers for mid October

4) Matt to walk all the flower beds- see how he thinks they have grown in and plan any changes he wants to see for next year

5) Matt to raise the canopy bed of the pear trees from 50th to enclaves. To partner with Shawn if needing assistance

6) Detention basin will need to be certified. Shawn to reach out to the city and may need to get back there this fall to knock cattails down

7) Matt was happy with Suburban so will have them bid out lawn maintenance for 2022


1) All requests current and up to date


1) Pool closed and ready to be winterized. Shawn to get lines clean, Kristin to add the antifreeze

2) Kristin to purchase tarps to cover and protect new furniture and the new signs

3) Kristin in process of working on bids for parking lot and pool tables

Meeting adjourned

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