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Wednesday May 27th, 2021

Board members present: Shawn Johnson, Erin Cecil, Jake

Nechrebecki, Matt Ferris

Call to order: Shawn Johnson

Minutes read and approved as read from April 14, 2021 meeting. 1st Matt, 2nd

Jake, all approved.


1) Reserve Fund $3,875.00. One more closing to add this month.

2) CKG - $58,945.00; Pool $13,317.42; SVG- $85,700.65

3) Lots of pool expenses going out currently in preparation for pool opening.

4) Need to file annual document to state of Kansas by mid-June.

5) Approved treasury report as read. Matt 1st, Erin 2nd all approved.


1) Significant savings in water bill with all of the recent precipitation. Controllers are currently turned off with the wet conditions.

2) Matt installed annuals at the pool entrance for curb appeal.

3) Matt working with Suburban to send estimate/sketch for area around utility boxes south of pool driveway. Planning on decorative cobbles and gravel in lieu of plant stock. Estimated cost $500.00 +/-

4) Matt happy with current conditions in the neighborhood.


1) Nothing pending regarding homeowner requests

2) Erin had inquiry about fencing requirements for lot that backs to Quivira Dr. Erin sent them the verbatim restriction from by-laws which state wrought iron style for lots backing to Quivira Dr.

3) Kristin has requested pool rules to be added to website. Erin working with Kristin on this.

4) Erin requests electronic format from Kristin for meeting minutes to be posted on website.


1) Kristin absent form tonight’s meeting.

2) Old chair sales has generated approx. $100.00

3) Jake has a few outstanding receipts to reimburse Kristin expenses.

4) Shawn to look into affordable AED device for pool through ORR Safety.

5) Kristin currently working with Kevin Harlow- Gate service for key fob operation repairs.


1) Social- Matt still inquiring about food trucks at pool. Looking at non-premium weekends staying away from major holidays for cost savings.

2) Matt wants 2-3 weeks of marketing to stir interest.

3) Still shooting for ice cream truck / sweet treats for first run to test turn-out.

4) If a Saturday schedule, board thinks a 2pm start time ideal.

5) 3rd Amendment to the Deeds and Restrictions currently in the hands of HOA attorney, Dan Sanders, for final draft.

6) 14726 w. 50th St. Rental home status with recent fugitive arrest and removal from home; Pathlight made aware with pictures sent in an email. Pathlight has responded and appears to be utilizing legal options with tenant occupation. Pathlight assures that the HOA will be kept informed on status.

New Business:

1) Shawn distributed new postcards from SCC

2) Shawn requested Matt have Suburban look at managing weeds around perimeter of detention basin. Looking at monthly management through cutting as opposed to chemical treatments at this time.

MTG adjourned at 8pm, Jake 1st, Erin 2nd all approved.

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