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Monday November 29, 2021

Board Members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Jake Nechrebecki and

Matt Ferris

Call to Order: Shawn Johnson

Minutes read and approved as read from Oct 2021 meeting. 1st Jake, 2nd Matt, all approved


1) Checking down with bills paid to date. Will have to move savings to cover remaining bills expected for year end final invoices. Pool down payment for 2022 furniture replacement had to be paid 2021 and was unexpected

2) Jake reviewed treasury report line items.

3) Still show difference in our favor from Quicken to bank stmts.

4) All board members to prepare budgets for 2022. Dec meeting is only budget prep for annual meeting

5) Treasury report approved: 1st Erin, 2nd Matt, all approved


1) Matt unhappy with lighting company. Will not use in future. Extra tree was lite up at main entrance, so lights for pool used on tree. Additional lights purchased for pool holiday display. Aware wreath is still not working

2) Matt working on bids for common area landscape and grass maintenance for 2022

3) Detention basin: First bid in- roughly 6-9k to harvest cattails and stack for us to burn. Requires 4-5 guys over 4 days. Board feels too high. Shawn working on other options. Jake will call Suburban to see if they are interested. Worst case scenario, have BCH Rhodes to bid it to meet city timeline and call back out if cannot have cattails harvested prior to end of year


1) n/a


1) Kristin had to have Jake pay down payment for pool furniture - hit 2021 actual expenses. Was able to get a 1500.00 discount for tables and chairs.

2) Shawn to firm up quote from his paving contractor prior to making decision on paving pool parking


1) New build lot 49th terrace. Survey plot shared. Erin copied on all builder communication moving forward.

2) Builder asking for 12-month vs HOA requirement / 6-month period for exterior completed. Request based on supply chain and labor shortages. Board expressed concerned for this request. Erin shared example of new villa construction being completely move in ready 6–8-month time frame. Erin to submit to board this example in writing.

3) Discussion completed – Jake 1st to move to approve 9-month request for builder, Erin 2nd the approval, majority approved. To be noted: Shawn did not approve 9-month request. Shawn was in favor to give builder 12-month option.


1) Shawn board position does end after annual meeting 2022. Please reach out to neighbors, need to fill a position on the board

MTG adjourned: Jake 1st, Kristin 2nd All approved

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