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SADDLEBROOKE HOMES ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING Tuesday October 15th 2019 Board Members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Kathie Ridings, Bridget Peoples, Brenda Vandenbos Call to order: Shawn Johnson. Minutes read from September 10th 2019:Kristin Mudgett. Minutes apprv: 1st Kathie, 2nd Shawn, all approved

TREASURY: 1) 96147.15 in accounts. Funds transferred from pool savings to general to pay final construction invoices. 2) Brenda to send all board members treasury report before next meeting so members can work on estimated expenses for 2020 3) Brenda reserved room at Civic Center on Jan 18th 2020 at 1pm for annual meeting. Shawn will be absent for family wedding out of country 4) Report approved. 1st: Bridget, 2nd: Kathie, all approved

LANDSCAPE: 1) Irrigation to turn off November 8th 2019 2) Meters will turn off in the next 10-14 days 3) New plantings to happen next spring, Suburban to do initial work to beds to expand and prep for next year. Bridget to send Brenda estimate for this work this week 4) Bridget to obtain quote from Suburban for 2020 estimated maintenance prior to next mtg 5) Holiday lights scheduled to be on trees by Oct 26th to meet Thanksgiving day lighting. Will have some expense for additional LED bulbs but below budget

ARCHITECTURE: 1) New build Enclaves finally cleaned up mess in street. Has been back-filled and rough-in, siding to begin soon. 2) City working currently working on sidewalks per HOA request 3) Home owner on 50th with multiple complaints for curb appeal. Has addressed driveway concerns, but must replace roof prior to repaving drive. Shawn to draft letter regarding, pallets, mulch, etc keeping the property messy. 4) Home owner at entrance failed to get approval for new roof material. Kathie was able to catch this and new material to HOA by law code 5) Received additional cards for home owner notices from Mr Shippee 6) Request for awnings has been made. Will be reviewed on a case by case basis since by laws restricts these at this time. Will require neighbor sign off

POOL: 1) Coping stone work complete. Should help longevity of stone itself. Sealant should last 3-5 years. 2) New cover on pool. Additional expense to stretch and fit new cover will be in Pool Service invoice for final season statement 3) Shawn to text Kristin when lines are clean so anti-freeze may be added. Kristin has purchased RV fluid at this time 4) Kristin to get estimate for louver window and paint for next year’s budget

HALLOWEEN: 1) Shawn to order and deliver pizza to Bridget at 530 night of parade 2) Shawn to put signs out for parade reminder 3) Kristin to coordinate lunch for Shippee’s employees

NEW BUSINESS: 1) Discussed no directory on line or printed moving forward. Lack of home owner response and most everyone googles. Permanent table of directory approved: 1st Brenda, 2nd Kristin, all approved

Meeting adjourned

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