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Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Marty Dougherty , Jake Nechrebecki, and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from February 22nd, 2023. 1st-Erin, 2nd-Kristin


all dues are paid except 3 houses. Late fees started the 1st of March. Erin 1st, Marty 2nd all approve


Matt has been working on landscaping, pre-emergent, cleaning up beds, trimming up trees, mulch, and 1st mowing. The pool drainage cover is repaired and a new large rock will be found to mark drainage cover. All lights will be repaired with commercial grade LED for a total 12 lights. Many were breaking, so chairperson moved forward to update these. This is a costly expense so the curbing on beds will wait until next year address due to budgeting. Marty is hoping to schedule a volunteer planting session for annuals. The city is working on the storm drainage and it is the city's responsibility.


All minutes updated on website. Post will go up on social media regarding yard sale and large trash voucher.


A paint request and a fence request have been submitted and approved. There has been a change of ownership on 49th Terrace lot. The new owners have been in contact with the HOA and are aware of the neighborhood standards and bylaws.


Gate access turn over to the new chairperson is ongoing and hopefully will be completed soon. Bridget will schedule the water turn on for April 20th with BPU. Bridget will contact and co-ordinate with Marty and Kristin.


Garage sale date set for May 5th and 6th. Posts will be made on social media to remind home owners.


Jake with gather info on food trucks with regards to deposits and when to schedule for optimal attendance. Jake will research fees etc. and report back to HOA. Corporate owner will be contacted soon regarding nuanced property violations.

Meeting adjourned. 1st Erin, 2nd Marty. Next meeting 10am on April 23rd, 2023

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