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Wednesday March 3 2021

Board members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Matt Ferris

Jake Nechrebecki

Call to order: Shawn Johnson

Minutes read and approved as read from Feb 1 2021 board mtg. 1st Jake, 2nd Matt. All approved


1) 4 unpaid home association dues. Letters were hand delivered to all 4 homeowners, 1 paid on spot, 3 outstanding. Late fees to begin in April

2) Reserve account is set up and ready at the bank. Jake to verify to home closes payments were deposited correctly to this account

3) Jake considering shopping banks. Current bank is hard to work with and slow to respond. In addition, low interest rate on funds. Shawn encouraged Jake to shop options if interested, but might be more work than needed

4) 85,697.00 in savings; 78,426.00 in checking; cash assets close to 179k

5) Report approved. 1st Kristin, 2nd Erin. All approved


1) Holiday lighting removed. Vendor has lights with him. Will receive remainder of money due once lights returned. Matt will follow up this week and get this scheduled. 20% of total charge due to vendor

2) Unfortunately, all extension cords and timers were stolen. Matt to get estimated worth from vendor and file police report.

3) Matt to meet Suburban on April 16th to check all sprinklers and system. System to be shut back down. Kristin to call April 20th BPU to coordinate official water turn on for pool and common areas. For those new to this process, there is a savings for the winterization months vs being charged a flat rate if we allow and pay for BPU to turn water back on. Meters are located at Enclaves entrance, Pool entrance and Main 50th St entrance.

4) Shawn and Matt to walk common grounds within the next 30-45 days

5) Detention basin was burned off this past weekend. Burn is the least expensive option to take care of the cattails. Shawn purchased a specific mower to help with this, but engine blew. HOA will need to replace motor; roughly 300.00 . Will use herbicide soon to help with the cattails.


1) Inquiry about drainage and a landscape plan to Erin. Erin to touch base to get specifics but does not expect anything to be of concern. Shawn willing to go with Erin to homeowner’s home if easier to assess

2) Inquiries are being made through the website directly to Erin. Thank you

3) Everything updated and fine with the website.

4) Board received complaints regarding homeowners on 50th with holiday lighting still luminated. Postcard sent. Kristin to follow up with a call prior to next meeting

5) Shawn will have new cards made so all board members can address any neighborhood challenges as brought to our attention.


1) Chaise lounge chairs ordered. Total cost with delivery and unloading is 9300.00 Kristin was able to get a lower price per chair. Shipping was more expensive than expected.


1) 4 amendments: Julie is currently in process of legally writing up all by changes to be voted on. Once vote is confirmed, all by-laws will be put back together as one document

a) Leasing: requirement for homeowner to live on site 6 mos or 1 year. Erin motioned for 1 year requirement. All approved

b) Solar panels

c) Roof materials with a solar shingle

d) Retractable awnings.

2) Enclaves build. Homeowner expecting fall move in completion date. Exterior to be finished by summer. Homeowner confirmed this is not a facility. It is in fact a private residence which means there are nurses and partners living in the home that will not be charged.


1) Rental property on 50th. Numerous complaints regarding

a) qty of animals, not leashed, not on property, and unfriendly.

b) U-haul permanent fixture

c) Multiple days with police presence.

d) Board had strong conversation with tenant; eager to insure they are in sync with rules and regulations for the community. Lawyer for HOA made aware of situation and Homeowner(leasing company) will receive letter with notice of violations should these not be corrected immediately

MTG adjourned; 1st Matt, 2nd Jake. All approved

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