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Hello Fall!

Pool Update

Between the week long rain event and the cooler temperatures, the pool maintenance construction has ended until early next spring. We are far from done and have some extra prep work to do on the replastering aspect, but it will be great in the end. The new tile has been installed and coping work is done. We should be able to complete what is left by early May 2109. Check back for updates.


The annual Halloween parade and pizza party will be held on Wednesday, October 31st. Meet at the corner of 50th and Alden at 5:30 pm for the parade start with the destination being the Peoples house, 4925 Alden St. A big thanks to Bridget Peoples for hosting.

Clear The Way

Just a reminder to please make every attempt to park your vehicles in your driveways. Street parking is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous for the travelling public and our neighborhood children who may dart out from behind one of these vehicles.


If you own or utilize a trailer, a lot of us do, please try to limit the time you park a trailer in the front of your home. If you can conceal it in your garage it would be appreciated. Not only is it a violation of the restrictions of the Saddlebrooke Homes Association, Shawnee City Ordinance has restrictions on this subject. I receive a fair amount of complaints from residents on these items.

Dial it back

November 4 marks the end of Daylight Savings. It reminds me of all of that beautiful fall foliage that will soon be falling to the ground with greater intensity. Let’s hope old man winter is kind to us once again. For now, I’ll continue to admire the beautiful hues high atop the branches.


Shawn Johnson, President

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