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Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Marty Dougherty, Jake Nechrebecki, and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from January 4th, 2023. 1st-Jake, 2nd-Marty


14 missing dues still not received. Late fees will start March 1st, 2023. 1st waste management payment of 3197.00 new fees 2023 fees. Will shop other vendors approx. May of this year. Insurance bids for two separate policies. 1st Bridget, 2nd Marty


Matt Gourny the lawn engineers, seemed very motivated to continue the contract. Disc trimming of blue spruces, electrical needs for lighting in beds. Curbs disc for edges on flower beds. Motion to approve The Lawn Engineers contract for 2023 Bridget motioned 1st, 2nd Jake. Further discussion will continue for edging. Kristin will address drainage repair by creek with the city.


Will post minutes to website. Annual meeting and January meeting and change 2022 meeting minutes to approved. Will remind homeowners what large trash coupon looks like. Also garage sale date set for May 5th and 6th.


No new requests. Enclaves will be looked at in spring when plantings typically happen. March will contact 49th terrace builder to check on status.


Bridget will meet with additional concrete contractors to get additional bids for sealing concrete. Kristin will meet with Bridget to show the gate system. Water turn on to be scheduled in April.

New Business:

Letter from president to update residents on bullet points from annual meeting and what to expect from board this calendar year.

Meeting adjourned. 1st Erin, 2nd Marty. Next meeting 6pm on March 29th, 2023

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