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Monday February 1st 2021

Board Members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Jake Nechrebecki, Erin

Cecil, Matt Ferris

Introduction new Board Members

Call to order: Shawn Johnson

Minutes read and approved from December 15th 2020 mtg: 1st Erin, 2nd Jake, all



1) Matt worked with Bridget this month regarding position requirement

2) Shawn sent Matt Suburban’s bid for maintenance and care of landscape for

2021 season

3) Shawn will forward bid to Jake to compare monthly invoices for payment

4) Shawn reviewed position responsibilities with Matt.

5) Shawn and Matt to walk with Suburban prior to spring season. Shawn and

Matt to walk timers, sprinkler system, monument work once warmer

6) Detention basin is city requirement for storm water control given to HOA as

a responsibility once Developer turned over community to HOA

7) Matt to call holiday lighting company to request removal of holiday lights


1) Roof request approved home-owner on 49th terrace

2) Erin to meet with Bridget this week to get website architectural change

forms to go directly to Erin.

3) Shawn would like all board members updated via email once Erin approves

home-owner requests

4) Shawn explained by-laws are different for each area of the community and

to familiarize yourself with the changes in materials

5) Enclave new build update: home-owner aware of communities' concerns

specified at annual meeting. Waiting response. Shawn to touch base prior

to next board meeting


1) Website. Erin agrees to run the site.

2) HOA debit card in place with domain and site for auto-renewal


1) Kristin reviewed specifics for new signage. Worked with JoCo environmental

to add all rule changes expected to be mandated on all pool signage over

the next 3 years. The changes are lengthy and broad so signage will be a bit

of a change

2) Kristin reviewed specific recommendations from furniture manufacturer

regarding chaise lounges. In order for the items to be finished to order

specifications, need to place order in February to guarantee delivery prior to

beginning of season. Board motion to approve chair option 3, 16 qty. Jake

1st, Erin 2nd, all approved chaise lounge purchase up to 9k expense from pool

budget. All members approved color as shown in photo for the weave and


3) Per conversation with Joco, they do expect public pools to have a season this

year. Will have specifics closer to opening dates.


1) 118 deposits made regarding HOA annual dues, 2 payments not deposited,

and 17 home-owners outstanding. Jake to give another month to monitor

those missing before reaching out to home-owners and assessing late fees.

2) Shawn and Jake moved funds from CD into a savings account. Allows money

to be accessible without penalty and we were not making enough on interest

to pay the penalty if funds needed

3) Jake to open a new account specific for the cash reserve payment due upon

closing of a home from the buy side once we receive that first payment from



1) Discussed food truck socials at the pool to kick off the season similar to a first

Friday event. Will discuss further if HOA to chip in with cost, however

majority of the expense would be on the home-owners if they want to


2) Kristin to send Erin minutes for annual meeting 2021 and agree to wait a year

to post on website is too long. Will post annual minutes as pending


MTG Adjourned

Kristin 1st, Erin 2nd, all approved

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