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August HOA Board Meeting

Monday, August 28, 2023

6:44 PM

Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Marty Dougherty , Jake Nechrebecki, Erin Cecil, and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from July 16th, 2023. 1st-Marty, 2nd- Kristin

TREASURY- Checking accounts have been moved to a new bank that pays better interest. The HOA should earn approximately $1800 for remainder of year just on interest. Four homes sold recently and fees have been received. A 5th home will close soon. HOA expense spreadsheets were presented by category in detail with comparisons from 2022 and 2021. Board members were able to see where spending is currently targeted and projected. Treasury report approved. Erin 1st, Kristin 2nd.

ARCHITECTURE- Recent roof requests submitted and approved. Lot on 49th Terrace is maintaining lot but resistant to bylaw requirement that provides for landscaping. Board agreed to extend until April 4th for landscaping requirements, but owner needs to maintain mowing in the meantime. Board will continue card program and will be done jointly by president and architecture and if additional help needed other board members can pitch in. 2 of 3 basketball goals that were cited have been moved in. One still remaining and will receive an second notice.

POOL- Last pool day will be September 17th. Pool services will begin shut down on September 18th. Some maintenance will be continued in September to cabana after the pool is shut down. Two new umbrellas were purchased for pool. Cameras at pool seem to have deterred unwanted after hours visitors.

LANDSCAPING-Will contact vendor for holiday lights and try to have installed and turned on after Thanksgiving. Will split install and take down payment as we have in past. Bridget offered to help with pool lights on fence if it saves money. In September, Enclaves south side will have deciduous tree's limbs raised, an overgrown bush removed, move purple flowers moved around, and remove virgina creeper vine that is climbing brick monument. This work was quoted to be approximately $50 and board approved. A homeowner that has experience with landscape design will put a design option together for the association for the enclaves and main entrance. Marty will pass around a paper flyer for garden club on doors of homeowners. Cat tails will be addressed soon. Marty and Kristin will talk about the detention basin. Some property damage was done to two houses on 50th that will be addressed and fixed by HOA.

OLD BUSINESS- The board will continue to send postcards for nuanced violations.

NEW BUSINESS- Halloween parade discussed and will be held at Jake's house. Newsletter will go out in October. Board positions will submit small write up for newsletters.

Meeting adjourned. 1st-Bridget, 2nd-Kristin . Next meeting, Monday, September 25th at 7pm 2023 at Bridget's house.

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