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Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Marty Dougherty , and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from March 29th, 2023. 1st- Erin , 2nd- Marty


Jake not present to present in person. Overall account balances sent prior to meeting to members. Individual subcategory spending unknown at meeting. No report to approve. All dues collected from HOA members for 2023.


Ongoing trimming of bushes and shrubs, and continue to work with Matt on beds. Starting to work on pear tree limbing. Sprinklers will get turned on Tuesday. New wiring to one light that was cut, still to be repaired. Rock to be added at the pool, lilies to be added to beds, and maybe another cacti at rock bed.


Will post spring newsletter to website and remind members of upcoming yard sale dates.


Vouchers reminders posted on social media. No new requests from homeowners. No new movement on the lot on 49th Terrace.


Over the winter, the sheet rock on the ceiling in the pump room collapsed in some areas. A roofer came to assess roof for a leak, no leak found. A repair of sheetrock and venting heat and humidity out of pump room will be bid for repairs. Reset keys for all homeowners to turn on for May 23rd. Pool Services will start work on opening the pool. Renew crew will start repairs to boards and work on restaining.


Jake with gather info on food trucks with regards to deposits and when to schedule for optimal attendance. Jake will research fees etc. and report back to HOA. Corporate owner was contacted regarding nuanced property violations without response. Lawyer letter also sent to address holiday lighting that has been left up continually at homeowner. Postcards will be sent to homeowners with some yard maintenance nuances.


Evergy will be called about an electrical fire at entrance and check transformer. Reminder about postman retiring will be put on Next Door.

Meeting adjourned. 1st-Marty, 2nd- Bridget. Next meeting June 1st, 2023 at 6pm.

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