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SADDLEBROOKE HOMES ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING Wednesday April 14th 2021 Board members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Jake Nechrebecki

Call to order: Shawn Johnson Minutes read and approved as read from March 3rd 2021 meeting. 1st Erin, 2nd Jake, all approved


1) All dues for 2021 current and paid. 1 of the 3 homeowners paid late dues.

2) Jake is asking to add late fees on website when we post that HOA dues are due for the year. Jake to remind Erin to do so when time comes each year

3) Shawn will add mention of late fees in both newsletters

4) 78301.94 checking, 15108.17 pool savings, 1550.00 in reserves ( 200.00 transfer fee to be moved), 85702.22 in savings. Total 1810662.38

5) Holiday lighting company paid in full. Lights returned to Matt

6) Approved treasury report as read. Kristin 1st, Erin 2nd all approved


1) Matt not present. All members reviewed Matt’s update via email.

2) Shawn to follow up on postcards with Bill

3) Postcards being sent to homeowners regarding yards, curb appeal. Already a few homes not in compliance


1) Nothing pending regarding homeowner requests

2) Have had 2 requests for garage doors, couple of roofs, windows, and paint colors.

3) Shawn would like to be updated regarding garage doors with windows. The newer trend with contemporary windows does not fit architecture in community. Need to review case by case


1) Chairs delivered. 4 damaged. Vendor replacing those 4 and had us keep the damaged chairs so we can use the basket if needed for other chairs if we see any damage in the future. They are heavy. They are metal. Will damage pool decking and chair to slide them across the cement. Asking for all home owners to pick up a chair if they need to move it.

2) New signs finally approved by JOCO and being printed. Extremely rule heavy per JOCO. Will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

3) Pool will open in COVID protocol. No more than 40 at the pool. Limited guests, no cabana reservations.

4) Kristin has bid for exterior wood rot, paint, trim and interior backer board replacement of dry wall, new trim and paint for 3300.00. Presented color option to bring cabana up to trend and fitting for 500k community. Was up for discussion, Shawn asked if anyone motions to move forward with this work, 1st Erin, 2nd Jake, all approved.

5) Kristin has pool company scheduled for May 14th to fill and shock water. Will open Friday of Memorial weekend, but shooting for earlier that week if work done and water ready


1) Food truck discussion. Shawn prefers ice cream truck for our first run. Lower financial risk. Assess and review after this event. Matt to plan, schedule, organize

2) Discussion to move to outside meetings in person again. All agreed

3) Jake and Shawn had insurance options priced out. Found a better deal with same coverage. Saves HOA 2200.00 /year


1) Amendments. Shawn still working on these with lawyer. Has decided to remove solar option. Will consider at a later date, but will include a solar shingle as roof option.

2) Rental home current violation of dogs and yard care addressed. Will receive same postcard as other homeowners in same violation regarding curb appeal and yard maintenance. Board encouraging dog concerns to be directed to the city per incidence per city codes.

3) Newsletter to go out soon

MTG adjourned Kristin 1st, Erin 2nd , all approved

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