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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Jake Nechrebecki, Marty Dougherty

Kristin Mudgett called to order the meeting

Bridget Peoples read minutes from previous annual meeting on January 21st, 2022. 1st Dean Davidson, Rusty Mudgett 2nd, all approved


Kristin Mudgett welcomed all homeowners to the annual meeting. Introduced and thanked all board members.

Corporate rental property on 50th evicted, still owned by same corporation so they can continue to lease under prior rules. A brief discussion was held regarding leasing rules and Shawnee ordinance. Some homeowners had discussed that they have had good results when the city of Shawnee is contacted and they take it to Pathlight. A new build on 49th terrace is beginning. The HOA is unable to collect 12k deposit until a permit is pulled with city.

Kristin thanked homeowners for patience in her first year as president. The budget will be the largest thing discussed today and look for opinions from homeowners regarding these issues. Kristin briefly discussed some issues that are causing increases in our annual spending.


Jake went over line item increases and discussed how inflation is effecting our cost expenses. Utilities and trash have increased and can not be reduced. HO question: what are our dues comparable to other neighborhoods. Our value is higher than surrounding areas 1st and 2nd all approved.


Discussed need for tuckpointing needs for brick on monuments and electrical paneling($4-5k for all) Erin will push this work to 2024 due to cost constraints in 2023. Encourage all homeowners to contact her with specs will make the process/approval go much faster. Great job to all the homeowners that have made great improvements.


Marty Dougherty introduced herself as new to the position. Some new projects to the landscaping will happen this upcoming year, including new planting to beds around monuments and incorporating more flowers and annuals. Marty is currently obtaining new bids for landscaping and maintenance.


Bridget Peoples introduced herself as new to the pool position this year. Reminded those who use the pool to speak up if they see someone abusing the pool or doing anything that could jeopardize the improvements that have been made to the pool recently. Even though extensive improvements have been made to the pool, there still will be improvements that need to be made. There are some cracks and settling around the pool concrete that need to be repaired and sealed. One recent quote that we have received was 27k. More bids will be sought out, but this will be an upcoming expense in order to preserve and lengthen the life of the concrete. Future expenses could arise due to pool having the original pumps and the fencing could need to be replaced soon.


Acceptance of solar roofing shingles (not panels) are still waiting for homeowners showing interest in the product. If there are questions regarding this matter, please start a conversation with Erin Cecil, architectural chairperson.


Three chair positions are up in 2024. Let the board know if anyone interested in getting involved.

After discussion of treasury report and president's introduction, the dues may need to increase in 2024. An open discussion was had among those in attendance regarding a need for dues to increase in 2024. Many voiced that they indeed wanted to see improvements in public spaces like landscaping and pool areas, acknowledging the age of the neighborhood contributing to the need for improvements. A point was made regarding our current annual dues in comparison the annual dues of other comparable neighborhoods. Rusty Mudgett moved to increase annual dues in 2024 by $100 annually. Phil Wright 2nd the motioned. Majority approved by yay, with two nay votes of decent. Motion passed by majority vote.


A concern was raised with homeowners that are not upkeeping their property to the standards of the neighborhood. Homeowners would like to know what board members are doing to encourage upkeep of properties to original standards of neighborhood. Legal expenses may increase to enforce violations of residents who are non compliant. This could add to an increased budget. Enforcement of bylaws will continue with a positive tone of encouragement.

Move to adjourn Shawn Swanson 1st, Rusty Mudgett 2nd, all approved motion to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned and the next annual meeting will be in January of 2024.

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