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Board Members  Present: Kristin Mudgett, Jake Nechrebecki, Erin Cecil, Marty Dougherty,

and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from September 25th, 2023. 1st-Erin, 2nd- Marty


POOL- Blower will need to be purchased 2024, will call Fitts, Data may be higher for cameras and storage. Will ask for a 2k increase in budget, to total 17k. We are replacing a


ARCHITECTURE- New tuckpoint person found and will walk and bid. Prior bids years ago were approx. 2k. Will determine if needed. Electrical panel priority. Main entrance electrical panel is done and will be approx. $1500 and Enclaves would be priority. Lot on 49th Terrace needs to improve leaf cleanup and is not in good condition.


LANDSCAPING- 2024 bid from Matt is 20k(2500 would go to separate mulch) 30k total. Proposal to ask homeowners to vote for main entrance improvement at annual meeting. Extensive professional plan put together by Robin Roessler with plant list and bids provided from Suburban and Family Tree. Quote includes planting. Engineering report for detention basin and 34,850. 10k increase.


TREASURY- Trash services and utilities speculated to increase by 3% due to CPU approximations. Current year expenditures will over by budget by 5k.




NEW BUSINESS- A request for a new directory has been proposed but due to budget limitations this can not be addressed at this time. There was a mailer sent out a couple of years ago requesting contact information from residents, and minimal participation and response was received to compile a correct database for an accurate directory.


Meeting adjourned. 1st- Marty, 2nd- Erin  .

Next meeting,  Monday,  January  8th at 7pm 2023 at  house.

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