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Saddlebrooke Homeowners

Spring 2024



Happy Spring 2024 Neighbors.  In light of a newsletter, the homeowners in attendance at the annual meeting suggested a letter with bullet points would be a better form of communication. 



1)      Annual community GARAGE SALE:  May 9-11th

2)      April 29th- May 6th ; weather dependent, detention basin work. Required by the City of Shawnee, HOA has to remove debris from the cement culvert behind homes on 50th.  Neighbors directly affected have been notified. For the community this means 2 large dumpsters along 50th street for a week, and heavy equipment in use.  Please make adjustments during this time, it will make this street more hectic.

3)      POOL OPENS May 23rd.  Johnson County is in the process of updating all pool regulations and licensing requirements.  This means as they inspect pools, instead of a warning, they could enforce an immediate closing until further notice.  This means it is imperative we lock the gate when entering, NO GLASS, NO diapers on the pool deck & bathroom floors, no afterhours swimming, NO underaged drinking. Changes due to hit all HOA semi public pools next pool season will be fairly extensive which may require some changes.  We will have more information at the annual meeting once Johnson County votes on new regulations. NOTE If your fob is demagnetized, please reach out to Bridget for a new one.  There is a replacement cost of 25.00.  If dues are not paid by this date, all fobs will be deactivated for nonpayment.



1)      Reminder to go to for specifics regarding transfer fees and cash reserve payment due upon closing to share on the sellers’ disclosures when listing your home for sale.



1)      We need you to help us out and pay attention to the covenants we all have to adhere to.  There are numerous violations with parking, trailers, weeds, paint, wood rot, trash cans visible, driveways, flower / tree beds, grass not being mowed, parking, lights, tree maintenance. If you have plans in place, please let the Board know through the website so we do not have to send the reminder postcard.



1)      Website is updated with minutes monthly and information we need to get out immediately in the Presidents Corner.

2)      You can also follow Saddlebrooke_Shawnee on Instagram and join Next Door

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