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May 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.

SADDLEBROOKE HOMES ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING Wednesday May 8 2019 Board members present: Shawn Johnson, Brenda Vandebos, Kathie Ridings, Bridget Peoples, Kristin Mudgett

TREASURY: 1) All home owner dues paid in full 2) All accounts and bills up to date 137,621.14 balance. Final invoice pool not cleared at this time 3) Paid current insurance in April, still finalizing new policy with new company. 4) Directory will not be printed; available for download pdf on website. Brenda and Bridget to meet to finalize plan and get it up and running on website. With turnover not beneficial to print directories regularly 5) Taxes filed. Did not owe any interest payment, 0$ due

LANDSCAPE: 1) Sprinklers on , but currently not set to run with qty of rain 2) Dead tree at entrance on 50th. Shawn and Bridget to determine if HOA or home owner responsible 3) Bridget to call Suburban and have them treat and maintain sucker weeds growing from trees between 50th and Enclave entrance. 4) Bridget and Shawn to walk community for fall plantings this month 5) Bridget to price rain sensor for sprinklers

WEBSITE: 1) Bridget to add all approved meeting minutes to the website, and continue with transparency going forward 2) Bridget to add Shawn’s explanation summary regarding lease answer to uploaded response 3) Bridget to add fine and fee schedule

ARCHITECTURAL: 1) New construction in Enclaves standstill due to weather 2) Kathie walked home owner request in Estates for tree removal and approved 3) New home owner request for fencing. Can be wood and cannot be higher than 4’. 4) Multiple complaints and concerns regarding home owner yard on 50th St. Letter sent to home owner, Leasing Company, with a follow up phone call. In addition Kathie and Shawn to address current occupants directly regarding the yard and lack of up keep. Leasing company will be subject to the fees and fine schedule moving forward 5) Kathie walked neighborhood and issued 16 courtesy cards 2 weeks ago. All home owners, per card have 30 days to respond. Zero responses from owners at this time. Once day 30 days hit, first letter of offense warning will be sent via certified mail. Kathie drafting letter to send to these home owners with the fine schedule in the next 2-3 weeks if she has not heard from them or item/s taking care of. 6) Shawn to post on NextDoor app a summary of the courtesy cards with escalation and fee schedule so all home owners have opportunity to review Fine schedule approved as written. Kristin 1st, Bridget 2nd, all board members approved 7) Shawn mentioned portable basketball goals violation of by laws. Will monitor any home owner concerns until it becomes an issue

POOL: 1) All work completed. Kristin did a final walk with contractor and Pool Services. TO BE NOTED: Plaster will not be cured for 2-3 years. Plaster can be damaged. Do not acid wash or use hard brushes on the surface of the pool going forward. Will fade over time. Continue to brush plaster 2-3x per day for the next month to help with plaster that will not cure. This creates a murky pool and swimmers will stir it up and track this onto decking. No harm to swimmers but can be messy. 2) Kristin set up pool so no need for a pool set up day 3) Kristin to pot plants next week and prep for opening day. Brenda to help with washing pool chairs 4) Kristin to purchase new sconces on pool house. Short in the wires and more cost effective to replace 5) Kristin to work with handyman on cement concerns on decking from the harsh winter weather 6) Kristin to store and save pool cover until new one received in the fall and is on pool for the winter

NEW BUSINESS: 1) Bill offered better option for neighborhood signage. Shawn to explore options 2) Shawn to set up notary session for June 2nd and 3rd at the pool to get the remaining signatures needed.

Shawn adjourned meeting All approved Kristin Mudgett, Secretary

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