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Sunday March 6, 2022

Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Jake Nechrebecki, Matt Ferris, Erin Cecil, Bailey Potts

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett

Minutes read and approved as read from February 2022 meeting. 1st Erin, 2nd Jake, all approved.


1. HOA dues, collected 119/135

a. Jake to hand deliver letters to residents with missing dues

b. Late fees will start April 1st

c. Next year to mail out notifications for dues earlier

d. Treasury report 1st Matt , Kristin 2nd , all approved.


1. Relieved Suburban Lawn and Garden, opportunities may come up for them to do extra work

2. Matt to contact Lawn Engineer and update them with mowing boundaries

3. April 4-7th turn on water, landscape to collaborate with pool, call BPU to set up


1. Launching new social media, Matt to take point on social media, more information to come


1. No permit for lot on 49th Terr

2. Roof additions PDF with new options to website , solar panels on as is basis

a. 1st Jake, 2nd Erin, all approved

3. Erin to get tuck point monuments and parts bids

4. Need to replace panel on monuments, $1200 per panel

a. will work with Evergy and City of Shawnee for permits once approved

b. budget supports one panel replacement a year


1. Parking lot resurface in March/April, waiting for weather to be more conducive for seal coating

a. Shawn POC with Seal-O-Matic Pavement Solutions

2. $1000 bid for electrical work

a. Kristen/Bailey to purchase light fixtures for them to install

b. Kristen to set date with electrician

3. New pool furniture to arrive, need to unload and check for damages

a. Jake to send check to pay bill after furniture is assessed

b. Selling old table and chairs - $50 for a table and 4 chairs (April)

i. Proceeds to be used for plants/pool area supply needs

4. Pool to tentatively open May 20th


1. Replace or take down Neighborhood Watch sign

2. Post Office has been contacted, need addresses where mailboxes are located that need attention, Kristen will follow up


1. Pool event schedule TBD

a. Matt with ideas for popsicle/giveaway, movie night, BBQ, adult night, etc.

b. To purchase orange cones to block off parking lot for planned pool events/ resealing

2. Matt to purchase more Christmas light tub storage

Meeting adjourned: 1st Matt, 2nd Bailey, all approved

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