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Fees and Fine Structures

The following is the fine structure for properties that are not in compliance of bylaws and declarations of SaddleBrooke HOA.

Fees and Fines Protocol

In accordance with Article IX Powers of the Board of Directors Section 9.14

The following shall be followed when assessing penalties per said section

When a violation of the bylaws or restrictions has been identified:

1. Send courtesy notice to property owner (postcard or letter) 30 day response for resolution.

2. Day 31-60; if no change or agreement then send first warning.

3. Day 61-90; if no change then 2nd offense of $50 fine imposed per schedule.

4. Day 91-120; If no change then 3rd offense of $100 fine imposed per schedule.

5. Day 121-150; if no change then 4th offense of $200 fine imposed per schedule.

6. Day 151-180; and subsequent 30 day increments of same violation to follow fine schedule until resolution is met.

All mailings, with the exception of courtesy notice (item 1), shall be sent by either certified mail or certificate of mail to prove that notification was sent.

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