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SADDLEBROOKE HOMES ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING Tuesday December 15th, 2020 Board Members present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Brenda VandenBos, Bridget Peoples

Call to order: Shawn Johnson Minutes reviewed and approved from November 18th meeting: Brenda 1st , Bridget 2 nd, all approved

NEW BUSINESS: 1) 2 positions available on the HOA Board. Landscape and Architectural positions available after the annual meeting. 2 homeowners have expressed interest in filling these positions, so names will be added to agenda for annual meeting to be brought to a vote.

2) Brenda VandenBos submitted resignation from the board. Motion to accept. Kristin 1st, Bridget 2nd. All approved

3) Home-owner ( Jake) expressed interest to replace Brenda. Shawn motions to appoint new treasurer. Kristin 1st, Bridget 2nd, all approved new treasurer. Brenda to work with Jake as needed to help acclimate him to the position. Brenda to copy Shawn on all emails to Jake during the transition

4) Kristin suggested we take a cash reserves payment from new homeowners along with the transfer fee when closing on a home. With added expenses due to maturity of the neighborhood and increased costs year over year. Cash reserve payment affords us the opportunity to keep dues low and avoid any future assessments for aging community so we can continue to make improvements to common areas using yearly operating budget. Important common areas reflect increasing home values. Motion to approve, Brenda 1st, Kristin 2nd, all approved.

TREASURY: 1) Focus to firm up operating budget and expenses for 2021

2) PO Box remains the same every year

3) Trash pick up was negotiated a couple years ago. We can renegotiate contract end of 2021. Trash expense 23k this year, goes to 30k for 2021 which is still less than what we paid prior to new contract.

4) Homeowners upset over recycling change. Do not want to have a knee jerk reaction, will watch how it plays out and what / if there are challenges.

5) Pool is slated for upgrades in furniture, signs, appearance. Kristin to stay within budget for 2021, price everything out for the spring after annual meeting to be approved on individual consideration based on cost and budget. Currently 13,103.61 in pool fund. 2k per year goes into pool account specifically to save for future unforeseen circumstances.

6) Landscape: Bridget to get new bid from Suburban for standard maintenance for 2021 year. Shawn would like to be safe and add 10% increase to what was spent 2020 in the time being. Bridget has forwarded bid for sprinkler repair to have on hand once springs hits and repairs needed. Tree removal budget to remain at 2k per year. Trees are maturing, couple species challenged to expect there will be more. Pool was trimmed and dead trees removed, so pool area good for awhile hopefully.

7) Monument signs: need new panels and tuck pointed. May have to do 1 monument a year, expected 3k per monument. Budget will allow for work to begin 2021

IN CLOSING: 1) Brenda to finish budget and send to all Board members for review prior to annual meeting

2) Bridget to remove Brenda’s name from website and add Jake asap.

3) Discussion to have a teen run the website. Will evaluate further.

MEETING ADJOURNED Brenda 1st, Bridget 2nd, all approved

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