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2019 Spring Newsletter

Updated: May 10, 2019

Hello neighbors,

Well, it’s officially spring and it couldn’t have come soon enough.

With the long harsh winter we had, plenty of us experienced some damage to our lawn and landscape. This is a good time to give those lawns and landscape a sprucing up. If yours is looking a little haggard, please consider giving it some attention before hot summer temperatures are upon us. A kept lawn and landscape helps the neighborhood shine and shows pride living in Saddlebrooke.

It is also the season we typically see residents conducting home improvements. During your planning stages, be sure to contact our architectural chair, Kathie Ridings, through and click on the “contact us” button. Some items requiring approval before proceeding with your project include: exterior painting, decks, windows, roofing, garage doors, basketball goals, retaining walls, etc.

The HOA annual meeting was held on January 19th and we had 21 of 141 homes represented. Thank you to all that attended.

Items discussed / or voted on:

1st Amendment to the By-laws allowing for a schedule of fees and fines to be established. Voted on and passed by HOA board. 2nd Amendment to the Deeds and Restrictions creating a construction deposit for new home builds and allowance of garage door windows - still Pending. Need additional 25 approval votes.* 

Increase in annual dues from $625 (current) to $650 in 2020 and $675 in 2021. Motion presented, approved and voted as approved and passed at annual meeting. 

The board implemented a courtesy post card notification system to inform residents of deficiencies or violations of the bylaws as they are reported to us. If you receive one, its’ intent is not to cause confrontation, rather a notice that improvements to the situation need to occur.

*We will be holding an additional notary session for the 2nd amendment later this spring at the pool. Look for information coming soon for the date(s). If you need an additional packet let us know.

A number of other items were discussed. The entire meeting minutes can be found on

I have also posted a response to the question regarding leasing of residential properties and leasing companies purchasing properties within SaddleBrooke for the sole purpose of leasing.

There were two positions open on the board this year and Shawn Johnson and Brenda VandenBos were re-elected for 3 more years, unopposed. Our current board members:

 Shawn Johnson - President  Brenda VandenBos – Treasurer  Kathie Ridings - Architecture  Kristin Mudgett – Secretary / Pool  Bridget Peoples – Landscape / Website

Communication is key. In an attempt to keep all residents informed and involved we have added informational signs at the entrances to the subdivision to announce upcoming events. We will continue to use NextDoor,, and are exploring other avenues as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me or one of your HOA Board of Directors.

Have a great spring and summer!

Shawn Johnson, Saddlebrooke HOA President

Mark your calendar

Neighborhood Garage Sale – Friday, April 19th and Saturday April 20th 

Shawnee Tidy Town – Saturday, April 27th 

Pool Cleanup Day—Saturday, May 11th 

Pool Opening – Thursday, May 23rd (Tentative) 

Check back on website and nextdoor for additional information or changes.

Pool Update

Plaster work on the pool is not yet complete, but we are doing everything possible to ensure that the work will be complete in time for an opening on the last day of school, May 23rd.

We will keep everyone updated if that date changes.

We would like some help from the residents with spring clean-up / set-up at the pool on Saturday, May 11, please contact Kristin Mudgett for details This date also subject to change due to construction delays.

Reserve the Cabana-Residents may reserve the Cabana (not the pool) for special events. Visit to check availability and make reservations. Missing a pool key fob? Reach out to Kristin so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Pool Policies:

The pool is for residents and guests of residents only. Everyone has a responsibility to police the pool. Please mind your activities and those of your guests. You need to be present if you have guests at the pool. Children must be supervised at all times. Those under age 15 need to be there with adults. We expect those with adult privileges to act as adults and be mindful of other guests and younger children using the pool. If you play music at the pool, please be considerate of others when it comes to the volume and any explicit content.

The board will take action as needed to ensure the pool remains a safe, non-confrontational, fun place for everyone in the neighborhood.

To avoid steep fines and added expenses to the pool equipment due to failure NO GLASS and NO WATER BALLOONS allowed within the fenced area of the pool. There is also NO SMOKING or VAPING and no pool chairs in any of the pools please.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Friendly Reminders

Recurring concerns from neighbors:

Street Parking- Please make a point to park your vehicles in your driveways. It is safer to navigate the streets and keep an eye out for children and pets. 

Slow Down- Again, with children playing in the area be mindful of your speed. 

Keep up with home maintenance addressing wood rot, paint, weedy landscapes. 

Be considerate of your neighbors when parking trailers, RVs or boats in your driveway for extended periods of time, City code is no more than 4 days.

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