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June 2023 HOA Board Meeting

Friday, April 28, 2023

10:45 AM

Board Members Present: Kristin Mudgett, Marty Dougherty , Jake Nechrebecki, and Bridget Peoples

Call to Order: Kristin Mudgett, president

Minutes read and approved as read from April 23rd, 2023. 1st-Jake, 2nd- Marty

TREASURY- Unexpected structural repairs to pool cabana ceiling and repairs to landscaping lighting that we knew would eventually need to update, but came sooner. Will continue to keep working at updates. We might go over budget in a few areas. We will not be shopping any new vendors for trash services this year. We would like to keep quality consistent and things seem to be going well. Treasury report approved. Marty 1st, Bridget 2nd.

LANDSCAPING- Sprinklers were turned on in April and some repairs needed and done. Matt staying on beds and trimmings. Pear trees were limbed. New wiring to one light that was cut, and all repairs updated. Staying course with trimmings and future planning of plantings. Card program notifying homeowners nuanced violations working and getting positive changes in response. New challenges with home on Alden and continual landscaping violations along with basketball goals in violation of bylaw covenants.

WEBSITE- Update that is pool open. Consider posting new photo of entrance, possibly a night photo. Update pool page and notify members to enjoy responsible.

ARCHITECTURE- No new requests from homeowners. Lot on 49th Terrace notified of bylaw requirements to maintain lot by mowing. New build on enclaves submitted plans for landscaping plans that were accepted by chairperson.

POOL- Cabana and furniture cleaned. Pool Services opened pool in May. Renew crew reset and stained boards to avoid trip hazards.


Food truck research on hold until right opportunity that provides right financial parameters for us as subdivision. Lawyer letter will be sent to address holiday lighting that has been left up continually at homeowner. Postcards will be sent to homeowners with some yard maintenance nuances. Evergy was reported of damages at main entrance.

NEW BUISNESS- discussed budget increases in individual budgets subcategories. Board decided to leave budget estimates as is from December budget estimates. jake 1st , marty 2nd

Meeting adjourned. 1st-Bridget, 2nd-Kristin . Next meeting , July 16th 10:30 am 2023 at Marty's house.

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