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Updated: Feb 27, 2023


Saturday January 15th, 2022

Board Members Present: Shawn Johnson, Kristin Mudgett, Erin Cecil, Jake Nechrebecki

Shawn Johnson called to order the meeting

Kristin Mudgett read minutes from previous annual meeting on January 18th, 2020.

Bill 1st , Rusty 2nd, all in attendance approved minutes as read


Shawn Johnson welcomed all homeowners to the annual meeting. Introduced and thanked board members for their service for the year. Board was able to return to in person meetings this year. Plan to move forward with in person meetings in 2022. It was a year of tragedy in our community. Shawn thanked the neighbors for stepping up and showing support. Finances are in good shape- our reserve is sitting at 80-90% which is great. Detention basin is wrapping up. Per city code had to certify the capacity around the storm run off to insure we remove silt build up. Engineer is in communication with the city, and we will be advised how to move forward. Shout out to Matt Ferris for running with the food truck series and hosting the Halloween pizza party. Great turn out. Enclaves build is on their 3rd builder. Completion estimation is mid-May. Walking a tight rope to keep communication open with owner although frustrating with the lack of progress. Will see a new build on 49th Terrace begin in 2022. DCB is the builder of a spec home. This home will fall under the regulation and earnest deposit of 12k with specific requirements on time frame or builder will lose earnest deposit. And lastly, Shawn is leaving the board. He has been President for 3 terms and his time has come but will be available to help transition new President HO question: In times with tragedy or specific to information that needs to get out quickly, can the board do a homeowner email? Not all homeowners use the website or Nextdoor app. Board answer- of course.


Erin thanked homeowners for patience as she transitioned into the position Small budget for this area in 2022 to begin work on the electrical panels and monument upkeep- Will see the monument entering into the Estates to be the first repaired Reminder to send all requests for home improvements to Erin for approval prior to work being started,


Matt Ferris unable to attend: Shawn Johnson read from notes Added hardscape to pool entrance around electrical transformer Suburban’s contract is up: Matt currently has 4 bids on the table. Has interest in a newer Company that is working hard to win our contract. Will make decision soon HO question: In the past homeowners helped clean out flower beds etc. Should we do that again? Board answer is that is included in our contract with additional opportunities for added work to be included. POOL Kristin is budgeted to continue with more pool improvements. This should wrap up the large expenses. In 2022 we will see new tables and chairs that match the new chaise lounges. The parking lot will be resurfaced and restriped. That leaves the pool cement deck and fence to be tackled at some point. It costs roughly 7k per season for Pool Services and the chemicals, 1200.00 for hired teenagers To help with nightly closing, outside of any work or repairs needed to maintain the pool.


Jake did not renew the CD. Jake reviewed budget and expenses for 2021 by line item. Went over specifics for 2022 Budgets Cash Reserve is new this year. It is a closing cost assessed to the buyer of a property upon The purchase of a home. 1 year cash reserve to be held in a savings account specific to this. This was put in place to help alleviate the need to raise annual dues or call for an assessment In the future we will not make the deposit in pool savings this year in light of the budget for new tables.

Motion to approve budgets Brian Oneal 1st, Rusty Mudgett 2nd, all homeowners approved budget as read


3rd amendment will pass. Enough homeowners have approved the changes via Notarized signature. Motion to move forward with amendment recording Bill 1st, Andy 2nd, all homeowners approved NEW Vacancy on the board. Bailey Potts has thrown her name in for the vacancy. Shawn asked If anyone present interested in running for the board. No additional interest.

Motion to Approve Bailey Potts as new member, 1st Rusty, 2 nd Adam, all homeowners approved


Mailbox on 50th falling over can we fix it? Board answer: Post office has to. We will reach out Neighborhood watch sign is faded completely, can we replace it? Board answer: we will Reach out to the city Rental on 50th? Still concerns with dogs, trash cans, yard. Board answer: We are addressing With the leasing company these concerns constantly. If leasing company resigned current tenants, Leasing company is now liable knowing community has had serious safety issues and Concerns with these tenants Does the neighborhood have a welcome wagon? Board answer: we did in the past but have Not used it recently. Jake will help get this up and running in 2022 with homeowner volunteers

Meeting adjourned: 1st Rusty, 2nd Bill, all homeowners approved

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